Transaction Management

Transaction Management

Comprehensive Real Estate Transaction Support

At AtHome & Co., we offer a dedicated full - time Transaction Manager who is licensed and works in - house. Our Transaction Coordinator is available to assist all our Agents with their individual contracts, ensuring that they can maximize their productivity while having the assurance that their files are being meticulously handled and ma intained in compliance with all regulations.

Experience unparalleled professional support that sets you apart, ensuring a stress - free and positive experience for both you and your clients.

Thorough contract review and corrections to ensure compliance.

Introduction email sent to all professional parties, highlighting important contract dates and deadlines.

Introduction email sent to clients, informing them of an additional resource for any questions or concerns.

Efficient coordination of communication between all parties involved.

Confirmation of earnest money transactions for added peace of mind.

Access to a state-of-the-art app that notifies you of deadlines, provides document viewing capabilities, and keeps you informed.

Assistance with amendments to contracts, ensuring seamless adjustments.

Regular follow-up on contingency progress, ensuring smooth progress throughout the transaction.

Expert coordination of walk-throughs and closing time/date, streamlining the process.

Post-closing follow-up, extending an invitation to clients to provide feedback and reviews.

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